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  • 1. Independence

    Control by a bank or insurance company? No thank you! ALLIA guarantees you objective risk analysis and a tailored policy. We provide an extensive range of insurance and constantly seek out the best products on the market. Freedom and independence are crucial for ALLIA. This is why we also want to guarantee this same freedom and independence for managers in Belgium and the rest of the world.
  • 2. Integrity

    No hollow sales-talk, but refreshing honesty. Tell us about your plans and goals and we can draw up a suitable service and policy.  Our personal connection with the customer allows us to listen and act according to your preferences.
  • 3. Prudence

    A balanced insurance package? That requires meticulous research. We weigh up the pros and cons, assess the situation and in this way take the appropriate decisions together with you. ALLIA also gives you as a customer greater insight into risk management. Through workshops and seminars we make you a critical and proactive discussion partner.
  • 4. Reputation

    Our structure is transparent and our agreements crystal clear. We are completely straightforward and expect the same form you. It is open communication that forms the basis of profitable collaboration in the long term. How is our reputation?  Our many satisfied customers are our best reference.
  • 5. Service

    ALLIA offers a reliable service; fast and efficient. For us, speed in no way undermines quality of service. We promptly set to work on your file, from the word go. A fast and settled case is advantageous for all parties involved. And that is precisely what we are aiming for.
  • 6. Right price

    We have two crucial questions. Can we insure you better for the same price? Can we insure you just as well for less? Our scale and independence put us in a position to negotiate extremely competitive prices. We avoid surplus costs, scan the market for the best conditions and adjust if necessary. This is how we offer a continual quality guarantee.
  • 7. Personal involvement

    The ALLIA team consists of the right people in the right positions. Personal development and training is one of our cornerstones. Our ambitious professionals constantly look for unused opportunities that cover your risks even better. The insurance world is always on the move. And we consider it our duty to keep you up to date.


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    AlliA, Belgium’s second largest independent insurance broker, acquires Insurance Broker Group VHS (hereafter VHS Insurances) in Zonhoven (Limburg), Belgium.  This acquisition allows AlliA to considerably strengthen its position on the corporate market, while at the same time reinforcing the existing workforce with 50 employees.


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