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Do you have a claim for damages? Then you expect it to be settled as quickly as possible. Providing the fastest and most efficient service is also a major objective for ALLIA.

The nature of the policy and the circumstances of the case undoubtedly play a role. Nevertheless, our intention is always to respond the same day and to keep you continually informed of further developments in the case.

Our claims team works closely with the account managers and at the same time strengthen their relationships with the insurers. This form of mutual respect is of great importance when we negotiate in your interests.


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    AlliA, Belgium’s second largest independent insurance broker, acquires Insurance Broker Group VHS (hereafter VHS Insurances) in Zonhoven (Limburg), Belgium.  This acquisition allows AlliA to considerably strengthen its position on the corporate market, while at the same time reinforcing the existing workforce with 50 employees.


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