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ALLIA insures each vehicle that transports persons and/or goods. We work with an incredibly broad range of contacts for every possible vehicle: passenger cars, light lorries (<3.5 tons), lorries (>3.5 tons), trailers, buses, coaches, minibuses, loading machinery, industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, motor bicycles, mopeds, quads, trikes, classic cars and old timers, commercial number plates, leisure vehicles (including camping vans and boats) and other vehicles (including fire engines, ambulances, taxis).

The ALLIA approach makes the difference:

  1. Risk analysis according to a personal approach
  2. Flexible and competitive solutions to order
  3. Exclusive partnerships with financially strong insurance companies
  4. Standardised and user-friendly packages
  5. Close monitoring of market evolution
  6. Continual preventative intervention to improve claims statistics
  7. One contact point, capable and experienced
  8. Extensive international experience
Our personal approach combined with our skill, influence and strong market position make us the perfect partner for small, medium, as well as large companies.


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    AlliA, Belgium’s second largest independent insurance broker, acquires Insurance Broker Group VHS (hereafter VHS Insurances) in Zonhoven (Limburg), Belgium.  This acquisition allows AlliA to considerably strengthen its position on the corporate market, while at the same time reinforcing the existing workforce with 50 employees.


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